Dry Wines

Norton  - sold out
Full and flavorful fruit forward, smooth finish - a well balanced wine

Bella Rosso - arriving soon
Fruity aromatics, hints of coffee and a spicy finish are the highlights to this blend of Norton, Cabernet and Merlot.

Chardonel  - arriving soon
Bold and spicy oak aromas with a creamy butter finish - our answer to Chardonnay

Semi-Dry to Sweet Wines

A delicate Riesling style wine with an explosion of ripe fruit flavors and balanced sweetness

Brave Heart
Classy light red, vibrant blackberry, a hint of sweetness and a silky finish

A symphony of aromas that include pear, green melons and pineapple with a floral nose

Delicate and balanced Catawba fruit with a spicy grapefruit finish

White Wall
Celebrating the 90th Birthday of Route 66, this sweet white has a delightful honeysuckle nose and hints of ripe fruit on the finish. 

Pink Dogwood  
A light and refreshing rose’ wine with the aroma and  flavor of fresh picked grapes

10% off cases of dry wine, 15% off cases of semi-dry and sweet, 5% off 6 Bottles